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Ultra Jackpot: S$

First Prize


Second Prize

S$1,666.00 X2

Third Prize

S$666.00 X3

Special Prize

S$166.00 X12
Draw Date
Ultra Jackpot
First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
Special Prize

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PLAY681 Ultra Jackpot

Terms and Conditions:

Every deposit 100 and above, will be giving 1x lucky draw ticket FOR FREE!!

A new Jackpot account will be given to members to check the Jackpot number. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Prize will be chosen based on the last 5 digits of the jackpot number, while Ultra Jackpot will be chosen based on all 6 digits with correct order.

For 1st to 4th prize, the winners' number is 2nd to 6th digit of the draw.

Ex : draw result for 2nd prize is 123456, if your jackpot number : 523456, you win. If your jackpot number : 523654, you didn't win.

Ultra Jackpot Prize will payout 70% from the prize pool, balance 30% will carry forward for the next draw.

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1. This event has started on 16th December 2020.
2. This campaign opens for all PLAY681 members.
Prizes No. Of Prizes SGD
1ST Prize 1 3,999.00
2ND Prize 2 1,666.00
3RD Prize 3 666.00
Special Prize 12 166.00

3. Minimum Deposits of SGD100 to be eligible for a set of number. (Deposit 500, get 5 tickets)
4. Jackpot prize pool will update daily on our official website.
5. Monthly live draw on Facebook will start every 15th of the month. Exact time will be announced few days before the draw.
6. Only player with 1 I.P address is only allowed to claim this reward; if player found having more than 1 I.P address or usage of multiple accounts would lead to confiscation of all free bonus credits.
7. PLAY681 reserves the right to withhold , cancel all winnings.